Information security consulting

Mi2 provides services of information security consulting

We understands that not all vulnerabilities pose the same level of risk to your organization. We can help you create a strategy to address the vulnerabilities that really matter. We helps you prioritize both vulnerabilities and the degree of security standard compliance you want to achieve.

Many organizations are at a loss after security assessments and have no idea which vulnerabilities to tackle first, how to justify funding the new recommendations, or how to plan remediation efforts. This is where we consultant step in. We help you build a strategic security road map that meets your business and budgetary objectives.

Security is one the most important aspects of all new network designs. A secure network design allows for greater network segmentation, more detailed access controls, better logging and monitoring, and the removal of single points of failure. A network’s infrastructure and architecture security is the foundation for all of your security, so each network device must be well-secured and properly designed. In fact, many risks can be mitigated by implementing secure-by-design architecture.

Our security consultants perform detailed analysis on current network architecture and identify all vulnerabilities by using a comprehensive three-phase approach to ensure that malicious intruders do not gain access to critical assets.