Information security consulting

Mi2 provides services of information security consulting


Security policy is a set of specific rules and constraints that every member of the system must follow when participating in an information mining system. The privacy policy provides management guidelines, assists in ensuring the security of information resources that are appropriate to the specific nature of the organization’s operations and compliance with applicable laws.


  • Identify the types of IT resources that need to be protected (protection of physical resources, information, copyright etc.).
  • Allows managers to capture the security situation, manage easily and centrally.
  • Ensuring a general policy and synchronous in solutions and activities of organizations.
  • Improve the information security of staff, defining the responsibility of protecting information, preventing legal violations.
  • It is the basis for strategic orientation, building and deploying security solutions for IT systems of organizations. In recent years, the web application platform has developed and disseminated. Internet, online marketing, website setup … Dynamic Web 2.0 applications focus on computer systems along with database systems, with various programming technologies such as PHP, AJAX JavaScript, JSP, Java, ASP, ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, Perl, Flash, Ruby, etc. Technology development are the security threats coming from Web application vulnerabilities. Disclose information, sensitive data of the organization to the Internet.


An Application Security Assessment Service is designed to identify and handle soon, stand as a Hacker to assess, accredit the security of Web application. The purpose is to give solutions to process and overcome before the incident happens.