Support & manage information security

Support & manage information security service

Mi2 consults customers to develop technical design documents for the information security system with the following items:

  • Analyze the current state of the system
  • Determine the scope of construction of technical designs

1. Information security technical design

  • Selection of techniques:
    • Analyze the effectiveness of the application of technical solutions
    • Assess the feasibility of technical solutions
    • Proposed selection of technical solutions to apply.
    • Select provider (solution/technical):
      • Criteria for selection of providers
      • Suggestion for selection

2. Implementation plans

3. Plans and content for training

4. Cost Estimates

  • Estimated cost of equipment, new purchase (for new equipment)
  • Estimated maintenance costs, updates, annual service
  • Estimated cost of training and deployment

5. Expected development of security system

Processes and procedures for change management in the design of the security system for the customer information system in the following years.